Google launches its new Pixel C tablet under Android Marshmallow


The year 2015 marked above all the release of Nexus smartphones However, Google did not want to stop on such a good path, so in September it unveiled its new tablet, which is far from the image of nexus tablets.

Android Pixel C. Google’s new 10.2-inch tablet is available on the Google Store platform – it’s a high-end version designed entirely by Google!

In terms of dimensions the tablet measures 242 × 179 × 7 mm for a weight of 517 grams, on the side sides you can find the stereo speakers.

Quite basic connections and which remain in the standard with in particular a 3.5 mm jack input for the headphones but also a USB 3.0 port which according to our information supports fast charging. The tablet also has 4 microphones, a 10.2 inch display with a resolution of 308 dpi (pixels per inch).


Google uses high quality material for its tablet, which is the least we can say with an LTPS slab that can provide a brightness of 500 Nits. On the hardware side you can find a 64-bit Nvidia Tegra X1 processor with 256 graphics card cores running with 3 GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

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Available in two versions

Google also offers you the possibility to buy separately the standard wireless keyboard with dimensions 242 × 179 × 5.5 mm. The tablet is available for sale in the United States and since yesterday in France on Google store it is available in 2 versions the first being its ability to store 32 GB for only 499 euros and the second in a 64 GB version for 605 euros or 106 euros the difference between the 2 versions.

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Of course the tablet runs in the latest version of Android which is Marshmallow and should be updated regularly at the same time as nexus smartphones.



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