Mozilla announces the end of the advertising program on Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation has just announced through one of its leaders that its advertising program in the Firefox browser will have to end soon!

Mozilla has decided to renounce Firefox tiles, which allows Mozilla’s partner sites or sponsors to be promoted when the browser tab is blank.

the announcement of the closure was announced by Darren Herman who is in charge of services and content who is also Mozilla’s vice president!


Although this feature of the site can be disabled in the browser settings, Mozilla prefers to delete this service. However, Mozilla must absolutely find a new way to become profitable for the sustainability of its services as well as its browser, and the foundation does not hide its ambition by 2016 to implement new features such as parental control or increase the speed at which pages are displayed.

Mozilla also wants to expand its presence in the very lucrative mobile market by perfecting its new application on iOS, but since its launch Firefox has been constantly innovating and gives crucial importance to the objective of making the web its great contribution to advancing towards an optimized future.
Firefox one of the most popular browsers

Statistics of mozilla firefox

Statistics show that the Mozilla Foundation’s browser is among the three most used browsers in the world, which directly propels it to web giants such as Google or Microsoft, which manage browsers better known as google chrome or internet explorer, in first place is Google Chrome used with 57.48% of the world’s users in second place Internet Explorer with 16.79% and in third position Firefox with 16.05%.



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