Youtube Red a new streaming service

Already nearly a month since the launch of the YouTube red platform was launched this service allows its users to enjoy its content without having to be overwhelmed by adsense or adwords ads.

YouTube Red the pay-per-view video sharing platform may well offer a new service to its users!

This paid service offered by YouTube costs 9.99 per month, showing YouTube’s great ambition to make its service as profitable and profitable as possible.

A new streaming service?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the YouTube Red platform owned by the mountain view firm Google wishes to further expand its services, in particular by offering its users a platform for streaming.

YouTube is reportedly about to negotiate with major production companies and Hollywood studios over broadcasting rights for films and TV series that directly irritate its competitor Netflix.

YouTube red will have the same possibility as netflix if the case of negotiations is a success to have the possibility to broadcast films and series exclusively! YouTube has one billion users

If the Netflix service has already been imposed as a legal Streaming giant, this is not the case with YouTube even with its red service, which can still claim a billion users. Moreover the 2 platforms have to face another giant considered as the best in the USA at least for the moment I am obviously talking about Amazon for the same price as a Youtube red amazon subscription offers series and movies, some of them exclusively. It remains to be seen for YouTube whether the negotiations will be a success.



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